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When She Wants Good Lovin’ ...

When She Wants Good Lovin’ ...

#306 / Jan. 19 Podcast

This tune has really deep roots in the Floodisphere.

About 20 years after our heroes, The Coasters, released this Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller song in 1957, The Flood started fiddling with it one fun summer night. After that, though, the song went back to sleep for, oh, a half century or so.

We told much of that tale in an earlier Flood Watch article that also explored the history of the song. Click here to read all about that.

The Song Awakes

Anyway, on a winter’s evening a couple of years ago, the tune popped back into Charlie Bowen’s mind and right away, Randy Hamilton started singing harmony on the chorus.

That inspired us and suddenly the song now is back in the repertoire, evolving into a fine vehicle for Jack Nuckols’ cool drumming and tasty solos by Danny Cox and everyone else in the room.

Get On Board

Even visiting pickers. For instance, on this particular track — recorded at a rehearsal a few days after Christmas — you’ll hear Floodster Emeritus Paul Martin dropping in with his mandolin.

He had come to jam with the guys in preparation for being on the bandstand with us at the big “Flood at 50” bash at Alchemy Theatre. Just listen to how Paul jumps right into the mix on the song, soloing and then trading riffs with Dan.

Set The Wayback Machine to 1979

Meanwhile, would you like to listen to a fast and furious take on the tune from a Flood jam session 45 years earlier?

On this recording from an August night in 1979, you’ll hear Roger Samples singing the harmonies and Joe Dobbs on fiddle.

And keeping it all on track is Jack Nuckols just killing it on the spoons. Click the button below to give it a spin:

Wayback Machine: 1979

And just think. It took us only another 4 1/2 decades after that night to draw Jack into the band…

By the Way…

That 1979 take on the tune also is on the band’s official(ish) bootleg album, Hip Boots: The Flooded Basement Tape. Click here to read all about it.

Finally, if you’d like to flip through more of the band’s long backstory, check out the “Flood History” archives — check here — which links to large chunks of Flood lore over the years.

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch Podcast
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