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Two More for You to Vote On

#327 / Video Extra

We really appreciate the feedback and suggestions we’ve been getting so far from all y’all about some of the songs we’re considering for the new album. Here are a couple more we thinking about including. Whaddaya think?

At last week’s rehearsal, Pamela Bowen videoed two very different tunes. First is our take on the jazz standard “But Not for Me.”

As reported here earlier, George and Ira Gershwin penned this song in 1930 for the stage musical “Girl Crazy” (in which it was premiered by Ginger Rogers). The song didn’t take off right away, but later it became a darling of the new cool jazz cats in the 1950s.

After capturing that number, Pamela’s video makes a 180-degree pivot to something a bit more down home. Randy takes over the vocals and Charlie switches to banjo for “Ready for the Times to Get Better.”

This 1978 composition was one of songwriter Allen Reynolds’ contributions to the career of then-up-and-coming country star Crystal Gayle. As reported recently, the song went on to be covered by Marshall Chapman, Joe Sun, Cody Jinks, Billy Strings, and — most notably — by our hero, Doc Watson.

So, Whaddaya Think?

Should either or both be on the new album? This will be our first studio effort since Paul Martin put together Speechless in 2021, and it will be the first to feature our newest Floodsters, Danny Cox and Jack Nuckols.

We love having your help in planning it. Send us your suggestions about either or both of these latest nominated songs — just drop email to Charlie at — and we’ll keep you posted as the work continues. Thanks, friends.

Meanwhile, Mark Your Calendar: April 21!

Hey, it’s the first day of Spring 2024! What a great day to announce the next public Flood gathering, a spring fling.

We're so thrilled to be invited by our dear friends at Alchemy Theatre to launch a new series of community music shows at their beautiful venue at Geneva Kent Arts Center, 68 Holley Ave. in the hills of Huntington. That, of course, is the same sweet spot that hosted our big “Flood at 50” birthday bash last New Year’s Eve.

The Family Flood is eager to do what we’re calling the “Floodango” as a fundraiser for this wonderful bunch.

We'll have more information about the April 21 show in the weeks ahead. For now, put us on your calendar, tell yer friends and plan to share a special spring Sunday afternoon with us at the coolest new spot in town.

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