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'Twas a Dandy Floodango

#343 / Video Extra

What a wonderful time we had yesterday afternoon with our friends at Alchemy Theatre when we launched the Spring Floodango. The stage was full. All five Floodsters — Charlie, Sam, Randy, Dan and Jack — were on hand.

Joining them was the band’s beloved “chick singer,” Floodster Emerita Michelle Hoge, who drove in with her husband Rich from their Loveland, Ohio, home near Cincinnati just for the gig.

Righteously augmenting The Flood fare were tasteful offerings by guest artist Douglas Eye (a/k/a Doug Imbrogno), who performed original tunes as well as richly innovative interpretations of traditional works.

And not to be left academically wanting, the audience was treated to kazoo instruction by our visiting professor. Ed Light traveled in from the Washington D.C. area to be the day’s hoodoo guru of kazoo. Ed actually did double duty, sitting in on tenor banjo on The Flood’s closing jug band number.

Today’s film, constructed from videos that manager/videographer Pamela Bowen shot from her ringside table, gives a sample of the Sunday fun.

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