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Sunday's Floodifaction

#146 / A Video Extra

What a wonderful time we had last weekend jamming at the coolest new corner in Barboursville, WV.

As reported here earlier, Ashley Skeen and Mandee Cunningham opened Booktenders, a classy, curated bookstore on Central Avenue earlier this year, and we were honored that they invited The Flood to come and spend a couple of hours last Sunday afternoon in their cozy backroom.

Best of all, thanks to the diligent work of Danny Cox’s talented, patient wife Tami, we have video of the making of some of the tunes that came drifting out among the shelves.

Want More Moving Pictures?

Oh, and if you’d like more Flood films, visit our website’s Our Videos page — click here — for vids from the archives, some dating back a couple of decades.

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen