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More Love from WSAZ-TV for Sunday's Bash

#297 / Video Extra

WSAZ-TV, which last week featured The Flood and Alchemy Theatre on its “Studio 3” show, invited us all back this afternoon for more information about Sunday night’s big “Flood at 50” New Year’s Eve birthday bash.

This time Martina Bills interviewed Charlie Bowen and Danny Cox of The Flood and Nora Ankrom and Mike Murdock of Alchemy for a five-minute spot during the station’s “First Look at 4” program, produced by Summer Jewell.

In addition to playing file footage from recent Flood gigs, Bills interviewed us all about how the band began and about details of Sunday’s celebration, which you can read on our new website,

A Bash-Oriented Musical Selection

The host also invited us to play the segment out. While on last week’s segment we chose a blues, this time we showcased an original tune, our “These Boys.” It was a musical opportunity to illustrate what folks will hear at the New Year’s Eve party. As the lyric says, These boys fill up the night with sound!

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch Podcast
Each week The 1937 Flood, West Virginia's most eclectic string band, offers a free tune from a recent rehearsal, show or jam session. Music styles range from blues and jazz to folk, hokum, ballad and old-time. All the podcasts, dating back to 2008, are archived on our website; you and use the archive for free at: