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Another Memory-Making Night at Sal's

#235 / Video Extra

Last night The Flood’s monthly gig at Sal’s Speakeasy in Ashland, Ky., was another magical evening for us.

Of course, it’s always special when Flood sweetheart Michelle Hoge and his husband Rich travel in from Cincinnati so that Michelle can join us on stage. If you know Michelle, you know that the joint is always jumping when The Chick Singer is in the room.

Meanwhile, our Flood brother Sam St. Clair couldn’t make the scene, but our reed section was in the good hands of the man whom Sam calls his “over-study.”

Jim Rumbaugh, who last year won the Ohio harmonica championship, has sat in with us many times over the years. We even got him to sing a song last night, featured in the video.

Actually, the evening was something of a reunion for us. Michelle and Jim were both on stage with us last December when The Flood played its debut gig at Sal’s.

Last night was even better than that wonderful night. Click the Play button at the top of this article for a 12-minute sample of last night’s good times compiled from videos shot by Pamela Bowen from a ringside table.

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen