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Magic Night at Sal's

#155 / Video Extra

We had ourselves a wondrously fine time Friday night on our maiden flight at Sal’s Italian Eatery and Speakeasy in Ashland, Ky., made all the more memorable by old friends.

When we learned that previous commitments would keep Veezy and Sam from making the scene, we let our first gig in this exciting new venue evolve into a cool reunion: We invited Floodster Emerita Michelle Diane Hoge and harmonica champ Jim Rumbaugh to sit in for the night, joining Danny, Randy and Charlie on the bandstand.

This video was shot by Pamela Bowen from a front-row table, featuring our take on “Sitting on Top of the World” … which, of course, we were!

More About That Song

An earlier issue of Flood Watch provided some background on this particular number.

"Sitting on Top of the World" was written in the early 1930s by some heroes of ours, a great country blues band called The Mississippi Sheiks. Over the years, renditions have been recorded by everyone from Ray Charles and Bill Monroe to The Grateful Dead and Willie Nelson. Click here for more about all that.

About Sal’s

Earlier, we provided background on Sal’s Italian Eatery and Speakeasy, a positively remarkable new hot spot in downtown Ashland.

A creation of Ashland entrepreneurs Billy and Christy Bare, this place is lovingly built on a fascinating theme — 1920s, mobsters, jazz, servers in suspenders and newsboys hats — complete with an antique car, christened “Miss Daisy,” to greet guests at the door. Click here to read all about it.

And This Just In!

Flash! The good folks at Sal’s want us back next month. The band is scheduled to appear on Friday, Jan. 13 (no superstitious Floodsters here).

We’ll have more to say about the date as it gets closer. For now, mark your calendar!

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen