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Another Candidate for the New Album. Tell Us What You Think ....

#348 / Video Extra

Here’s another tune that is campaigning to be included on the new album we hope to start recording later this year. We’d like to hear what you think about it.

As we noted earlier, we’ve loved “Peaceful Easy Feeling” ever since the late Roger Samples taught it to us back in the early 1970s when he joined Dave Peyton and Charlie Bowen to help start The Flood.

But it now being a new century and all, we wanted to give the song a new sound. That’s why the guys are letting Charlie’s banjo happily trot alongside Jack Nuckols’ drum and Randy Hamilton’s bass, ready to frame the vocal harmonies and those sweet solos by Danny Cox and Sam St. Clair.

The arrangement got a warm reception when it made its debut at last month’s Spring Floodango at the wonderful Alchemy Theatre. (Listeners seemed especially charmed by the surprise ending. We’re not sure Johann Pachelbel ever met a banjo. And yes, we do get a charge outa ourselves…)

So Whaddaya Think?

Our manager/videographer Pamela Bowen shot the “video extra” at this week’s rehearsal so we could ask you: Should this tune be on the new album?

This will be our first studio effort since Paul Martin put together Speechless in 2021, and it will be the first to feature our newest Floodsters, Danny and Jack.

We appreciate having your help in planning the album. Send us your suggestions to Charlie at, and we’ll keep you posted as the work continues. Thanks, friends.

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