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An Ed Light Special

#323 / A Video Extra

When our friend Ed Light dropped in from the Baltimore area this week to sit in with The Flood for the very first time, he did something no one else has ever done: He wrote us a song!

And we were so…. uh, well, you know, “honored” is not exactly the word we’re probably looking for here. But, considering the text that Brother Ed chose for his sermon, we were certainly dumbstruck by his discernment and thoroughly gassed by his sagacity.

Playing on the 1951 Ernest Tubb/Red Foley classic “Too Old to Cut the Mustard,” Ed crafted new lyrics, with a verse about each member of the band, and our manager/videographer Pamela Bowen was right there to record the proceedings.

Thank you, Ed. Now, get off our lawn! It’s time for our nap…

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch Podcast
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