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Wonderful Woodlands Welcomes Us Back!

#104 / Video Extra

The Flood first played the marvelous Woodlands Retirement Community 20 years ago, soon after it opened. And the band has been invited back at least once a year nearly every year after that — that is, until the Covid epidemic in the spring of 2020 canceled … well, pretty much everything. So we were excited to return to this beloved venue last Friday night. And the residents made us feel so welcome. It was quite an evening!

Veezy Coffman, our saxophonist, couldn’t make the gig — she and her beautiful family were vacationing — but our dear friend, Floodster Emeritus Paul Martin, came back to sit in, filling that spot on the bandstand with his mandolin and his vocals.

And speaking of Flood graduates, we couldn’t play Woodlands without inviting our retired bandmate Chuck Romine to join us for a tune on his tenor banjo. These day Chuck and his wife, Phyllis, are proud Woodlands residents themselves.

Here’s a quartet of tunes from the July 29, 2022, Woodlands visit — videoed by Pamela Bowen and Sam St. Clair — including a special surprise appearance by another Woodlands denizen, our favorite birthday girl and official Flood den mother, Rose Marie Riter!

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen