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What a Night at the Speakeasy!

#211 / Video Extra

Last Saturday night at Sal’s was the best Flood gig in a good long time.

The room was packed — all the tables filled — and there were family and new and old friends smiling back at us all evening long.

Here, from video Pamela Bowen shot, is about 15 minutes of The Flood’s May 20 show.

Many folks came out that rainy evening to hear and cheer on Floodster Emerita Michelle Hoge, in Ashland from Cincinnati with her husband Rich specifically for the Sal’s gig.

It was an extra-special occasion for us, because Saturday also was the eve of Michelle and Rich’s first anniversary. (As reported here earlier, a year ago the Family Flood traveled to the Cincinnati area to play at the couple’s lovely wedding. )

What a joyous night at Sal’s Italian Eatery & Speakeasy.

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen