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Silliness at Sal's

#258 / Video Extra

So, we’re doing our show at Sal’s Speakeasy last night when at the start of the second set in walk our friends Tom and Anne.

Now, of course, Sal’s regulars know that Tom and Anne also frequently perform at the speakeasy as the amazing jazz duo “Roscoe and Tilly Mae Riverton.”

Well! Tilly Mae and Roscoe bring the party with them wherever they go, so their presence in the room meant that suddenly The Flood was jazzed to a whole ‘nother level. Here’s a tune we did especially for that gorgous grinning couple at the bar! Thanks for making the scene, friends.

About the Tune

By the way, about the song, in an earlier Flood Watch article, we explored the ragtime roots of “I Got Mine,” dating back to 1902, though we build our version around the work of blues great Pink Anderson. Click here to read the song’s fascinating story.

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen