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On a Rainy Kentucky Night...

#158 / Video Extra

It was a damp, chilly Wednesday night in a deep and dark December, but it was warm and bright inside the Kentucky farmhouse where we were greeted by old friends and by sweet strangers who soon became friends.

Longtime Flood buddy Zoe Brewer had company coming. Cousin Mary Smith Haverfield and her husband, Cole, were traveling in from Chattanooga for a holiday visit.

When Zoe asked The Flood to come and do a house concert at her beautiful farm in Burnaugh, Ky., south of Catlettsburg, we brought the whole crew — Sam and Veezy, Danny, Randy and Charlie — and Danny’s wife, Tami McCorkle, shot lots of video during the evening.

This film, based on Tami’s diligent work, represents the span of the tunes we brought to the night, from contemporary songwriting (like Dylan’s “Down in the Flood,” which opens the video) to re-imagined folk melodies (like “Wayfaring Stranger”) to great old 1920s and ’30 numbers (like “Lulu’s Back in Town.”)

Sweet memories all around.

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen