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Danny & Randy Rock the Room

#92 / Video Extra

As shot by Pamela at a rehearsal last month, this video opens with Dan Cox’s guitar calling the house to order, then turning it over to Randy Hamilton for the reading of the word, which is interspersed with excellent exegesis by The Flood’s reed section, first Veezy Coffman, then Sam St. Clair.

About the Tune

This song is most often associated with guitarist Doc Watson, who always said he first heard the song on the Delmore Brothers’ 1933 recording on the Bluebird label, but Doc famously fashioned his 1964 rendition as he thought his hero Merle Travis would play it, with the thumb being used to thump out a driving bass line.

If you’ like more background on the song itself, click here to see this earlier newsletter entry.

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The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen