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Celebrating at the Speakeasy!

#194 / A Video Extra

Friday was another stellar night at our favorite new venue!

Sal’s Italian Eatery & Speakeasy is celebrating its first year in business in Ashland, Ky., and The Flood was happy to join the festivities with our monthly gig there.

It also was a bit of a reunion for us.

Friends and family of Flood guitarist Danny Cox and his sister, Jeanette Trent, filled a table for a dozen or more along the wall at stage left.

And some of Charlie Bowen’s high school friends came out to party with us too. (From the stage during the show, Charlie even confessed to having had secret crushes on each of the ladies at the table in front of us; of course, his teenage shyness at the time meant that none of his pretty classmates ever knew.)

Also on hand were new friends (like a happy table of fur- and bling-adorned Sal’s first-timers, who stayed for the entire show and even sang along with us) and the Bowens’ nephew, Aaron Prince, and his wonderful wife, Kassi.

Also in the crowd were lots of old friends, like Tom and Sharon Pressman (celebrating Sharon’s birthday), Paula Stewart on a date night with her new husband Bernard Tilley, and Karen and Steve Byington of Wiley Dew. (Oh! and by the way, Wiley Dew will be back for their next Sal’s gig on April 14. Put that on your calendar. It’s going to be some serious fun!)

Sitting at a ringside table, Pamela Bowen got great videos that we used to build this sample of the Friday night fun. It features a quartet of tunes, including “Trouble in Mind,” “Black Coffee,” “Deep River Blues” and “Singing the Blues.” Enjoy!

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen