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Best Sal's Speakeasy Gig Yet!

#201 / Video Extra

Last night in Ashland, the April edition of The Flood’s monthly gig at Sal’s Italian Eatery & Speakeasy was the best yet! It was a perfect blend of new and old friends, old and new tunes.

Danny Cox rocked so many memorable moments, like his beautiful rendition of “Windy and Warm,” which you can hear on the new video.

Sam St. Clair and Randy Hamilton, as always, simply killed it on solos and vocals throughout the evening.

Charlie Bowen was persuaded to haul out his banjo (which we’ve christened “Buzz Kill”) for a couple of well-received tunes, including the late Dave Peyton’s signature song, Aunt Jenny Wilson’s “Georgie Buck.”

But the star of the night was Floodster Emerita Michelle Hoge. Back from an Australian vacation with her new husband, Rich, she drove in from Cincinnati to be with her old band mates, and she wowed everyone with a great selection of classics, from “St. Louis Blues” to “Sentimental Journey” and more.

Also, since Michelle was out of the country during her birthday earlier this month, we used the gig for a little birthday bash, with cake and balloons.

We even handed out kazoo so the audience could play along, not only on "Happy Birthday," but also on a couple of old jug band numbers.

What a night! This video is a sample of the evening’s Floodishness, built on all the great video that Pamela Bowen shot.

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen