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A Gig-ilicious Weekend

#247 / A Video Extra

We first played for the folks at the resort-like Woodlands retirement community in the hills overlooking Huntington nearly a quarter of a century ago, and since then we’ve been back for shows dozens of times over the years.

Friday night was our latest visit, and, sitting in the front row with Flood buddy Rose Marie Riter, band manager Pamela Bowen shot this video, which captures a lot of the night’s fun.

Then It Was On to Sal’s

It was a busy weekend, because then last night was our monthly show at Ashland’s wonderful Sal’s Speakeasy, where we played to another full house of folks prepared to party.

After back-to-back gigs, Sunday is definitely a day of rest for us. But it’ll also be a day of reflection on our good fortune to have so many old and new friends filling our heads with fresh memories. Thanks, folks!

The 1937 Flood Watch
The 1937 Flood Watch
Charles Bowen